A Few Helpful Apps for Better Relaxation


This app is especially well-suited to “fidgety skeptics”. Unlike some of the others in this category, 10% Happier will allow you to get help from some of the greatest meditation teachers on the planet, so you know you’ll be getting help from the best. You will be all to include mindfulness more into your daily routine by following these smaller short meditations that are designed for squeezing into free time in your schedules like morning breaks, lunch and commutes. We are all busy as hell, but a little mindfulness can bring some relief and doesn’t have to add weight to your schedule.


No one will argue the importance of getting a good night’s sleep if you hope to wake refreshed and restored the following day. But, if you hate the conventional alarm clocks or you simply want to improve your sleep habits, the Sleep cycle app could be your best friend. You can set your wake up phase for a 10 to 90 minute period before your wake up time. The app will be set to wake you when you have reached a light sleep phase. It will be able to recognize this by tracking your movements with the accelerometer. Deeper stages of sleep are not characterized by very much movement. The possible result is that you will wake up at the most optimal point in your sleep cycle allowing you to rise fully rested and ready for the day.


PZIZZ tops off its already generous list of functions by adding the most visually stunning graphics of any other apps available. In the nap function the user is taken on a guided tour across the universe and can select either a male or female narrator for this trip as well as accompanying music of their choice. It is also based on scientific fact according to the CEO, Rockwell Shah, dreamscapes created in PZIZZ are created through calculated sounds sequences as well as voice narrations are all designed to improve somatic awareness thus allowing for greater relaxation and smooth and easy breathing. This app was even endorsed by J.K Rowling as one of the most effective relaxation apps available.


It can be very costly and time-consuming, but there is a digital option as well. 7 cups will allow you some face time with an actual therapist or even just a helpful and concerned human being who will listen to your words completely anonymously and offer what help they can. There is magic in simple human interaction and this can be especially relaxing for many. The best part is that you will be able to choose your listener by various pointers like life experiences and other backgrounds. If you aren’t sure if therapy is necessary for you, but you would like to try a completely safe alternative, 7 cups might be the app for you.


Here is an app that covers all the bases and ticks all the boxes. You have your anxiety relief, improved concentration, greater sleep quality and bad habit breaker all rolled into one. You will find a helpful instructor voice that can guide you through various breathing exercises. One of the best things is that this app I completely customizable as well. If you are not 100% comfortable with one narrator, you can choose from a list of different options. There is even a mindful eating section that can improve your health and digestion. This app was selected by Apple as one of the most impressive apps of 2017.

These apps are great for helping you to relax, however, if you would like to speak to a professional please click here.

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