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After a long wait, the Bum Club is back with an updated version called Bumvip.Club Apk The game has also added on lots of new features. In case while playing the game you have reached the top, you are eligible to get one xsmax iPhone and if you have not excelled the top position you do not have to be disappointed.

There are lots of rewards for all the players. You can get phone scratch cards of varying denominations. So does this not sound exciting. The players are in love with his game as it has a diverse game system which is a big plus point of the game.

BumVip.Club Apk
BumVip.Club Apk

You will find many games in the BumpvipClub App like advancing, phoning, ginseng, sacred, shielded, poker and many more such games. The list does not end here. There are many other mini-games to choose and the players can feel the difference in the games.

Let us get to know some outstanding features of Bumvip Club

  • The Bumvip Club game gives healthy and fair playground to its players.
  • All the features in the game are reviewed automatically. You only have to get your scratch card code correct.
  • Make lots of coins by winning the card games or share games on social networks.
  • Become a millionaire in one night by exploding a large pot.
  • The game can be played anytime and anywhere.
  • And finally explosion of the 79 clubs which the players will definitely will get addicted.

It is like that sometimes you only want to play high stakes and at the same time not drop all that money. The app gives you the chance to improve your game and the live games which you will be against the real players will teach you new strategies.

BumVip.Club Apk
BumVip.Club Apk

So you learn every time as you play. The app also has built in features so you can learn new tips and tricks from the experts. If you are new to the game, do not worry as the app will be your teacher and all this is done for free. The game is beautifully designed and you can actually create and customize your opponent.

There are many levels in the game and you can choose accordingly to your ability from beginning to expert. Also the players can customize their backgrounds or use their own photos to give a smooth and simple interface to the game. If you want you can go for practice matches before entering into the arena of live players in the battle arena.

There is also an option in the game to play against friends or strangers to test the strength of your deck. So you have to be well prepared that you have stacked it well. As you play against other players, you can keep an eye on you progress with the help of an integrated leader board.

The game sounds really interesting and you cannot definitely dare to miss out this game. To start playing the game you only have to join with your Facebook account and select the game of your choice.

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