Danamon Beta Apk: Online Banking App – Danamon Beta Apk Download

Danamon Beta Apk is an Android application launched by the private lender bank of Indonesia- Danamon Bank. D-bank expanded its online banking services for its customers.

This application can be downloaded from Google Playstore on your smartphone. This app will enable its users to open a bank account through online mode. This app is launched to settle bank services in a convenient manner by means of online mode. Danamon Beta Apk Download

Danamon Beta Apk
Danamon Beta Apk

Through this app, the bank wants to extend its services, especially to unbanked people, as everyone can download and use this app.

It is a digital application developed by Danamon to provide you the simplicity of opening bank accounts anytime and anywhere as desired.

Key Features of Danamon Beta Apk app

The Danamon Beta Apk app comes up with the following features and benefits:

Danamon Beta Apk
Danamon Beta Apk
  1. Easy Account Opening Process: Now, people do not require visiting the bank to open a bank account. By means of this app, a bank account can be opened online and ID verification can be done through the video app call option.
  2. Convenient Banking Transactions Features: This app has user-friendly features where you can easily make bank inquiries, fund transfer, bill payment and many more.
  3. Cardless cash withdrawal: By using D-Cash, Ponsel D-Cash, and SosMed D-Cash, you can withdraw money without using your ATM card. posted D-Cash and Ponsel D-Cash permits authorized persons to obtain money through Danamon’s ATM with no need of entering a bank account number or using ATM Card.
  4. Personalized Application: This online banking app allows for easy personalization of the D-Bank application. The customers can customize this app like choosing their display photos for their loved ones, or whatever they prefer.
  5. Attractive Interest Rate: The customers will get attractive interest rates through the D-bank registration app.

How to Use the Danamon Beta Apk app

You need to follow the following steps for using this online banking app:

  1. This app supports a minimum Android 4.4 smartphone.
  2. Then, download D-Bank Application via the Google Play Store.
  3. Click register now on D-Bank screen Application for opening a savings bank account.
  4. In case you already have a Danamon’s account, activate your Danamon’s account by any of these methods:

Danamon Beta Apk Download
Danamon Beta Apk Download
  1. Enter your Danamon Online Banking (DOB) user ID and password. An activation code will be sent through SMS on your registered mobile number. Complete it by creating a secure 6-digit PIN.
  2. Enter your Danamon Debit/ATM Card number, PIN, mobile number, and email id. Then create a user name and password. An activation code will be sent through SMS on your registered mobile numbered once the activation is completed. Create a secure 6-digit PIN subsequently.
  3. Enter your Danamon’s Credit Card number, mobile number, date of birth, and email id. After that create a user name and password. Once the activation process is accomplished, an activation code will be sent on your registered mobile numbered through SMS. Consequently, create a secure 6-digit m-PIN.
  4. Once the activation process is completed, Danamon customers can officially enjoy Danamon Beta Apk Application.

Download this online banking app to avail hassle-free Danamon banking services online.

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