Fate Grand Order Apk: Free-to-Play Role-Playing Online Mobile Game

An online free-to-play role-playing mobile game has been released. The game is called the Fate Grand Order Apk. It is developed by Delightworks using Unity. The game is published by Aniplex. This mobile game is based on Type-Moon’s Fate or stays night franchise. Fate Grand Order MOD Apk

It was introduced in Japan on July 29, 2015, for Android and on August 12, 2015, for iOS. The English versions of iOS and Android were revealed on June 25, 2017, in the United States and Canada. Its Korean version was published on November 21, 2017. An arcade version labeled Fate Grand Order Arcade was announced by Sega in Japan on July 26, 2018.

The latest version of Fate Grand Order Apk (English) 1.38.0 was updated on January 17, 2020. Fate Grand Order (English) is a type of Role-Playing with the feature Fate. You can examine all the apps from the developer of Fate Grand Order (English). You can find 91 alternative apps to Fate Grand Order (English) on Android.

At present, the Fate Grand Order JP Apk app is for free. This app can be downloaded on Android 4.0.3+ from Google Playstore. All Apk or XApk files are genuine and 100% secure with a quick download.

This game earned $982 million in 2017. It became the year’s sixth highest-earning mobile game. In 2018, Fate Grand Order received $1.2 billion. Thus, it became the year’s seventh highest-grossing free-to-play game. Since March 13, 2019, the game has earned above $3 billion globally.

Fate Grand Order JP Apk
Fate Grand Order JP Apk

Specifications of the Fate Grand Order Apk

Developer/s: Delightworks (Mobile), Sega Interactive (Arcade)

Publisher(s): Android, iOS

JP: Aniplex

NA: Aniplex of America, Arcade

JP: Sega

Director(s): Yosuke Shiokawa (Part 1-1.5), Yoshiki Kanou (Part 2)

Producer(s): Atsuhiro Iwakami, Akihito Shouji (2015-2016), Yosuke Shiokawa

Artist: Takashi Takeuchi

Writer(s): Kinoko Nasu, Yuichiro Higashide, Hikaru Sakurai

Composer(s): Keita Haga, James Harris

Series: Fate/stay night

Engine: Unity

Platform(s): Android, iOS, Arcade

Release Android-

JP: July 30, 2015

NA: June 25, 2017

Released iOS-

JP: August 12, 2015

NA: June 25, 2017

Released Arcade-

JP: July 26, 2018

Genre(s): Role-playing

Mode(s): Single-player

Arcade system: Sega ALLS UX (FGO Arcade)

Distinctive Gameplay in the Fate Grand Order JP Apk

Overpower your opponents together with the Daring Spirits in this game for Android. Fate Grand Order Apk update in an RPG combat with cards to rescue the planet and its times past.

The game focuses on turn-based combat. Here, the player who takes on the role of a “Master” calls upon and directs commanding familiars called as “Servants” to fight opponents. The tale description is displayed in an illustration novel set-up. Every ‘Servant’ has their state of affairs which the gamer can discover.

The gamer directs a party consisted of 6 Servants in each battle. 3 are active members and 3 are reserve members. In each turn, the player is given a group of 5 Command Cards and may utilize about 3 of them to strike.

Each Servant contains 5 cards the player may use. The cards for all the Servants on the field are mixed up and distributed to the player each turn. The cards are of three types: Buster (a heavy strike), Arts (a medium strike that indicts a gauge for the Servant’s “Noble Phantasm”), and Quick (a light attack that creates Critical Stars that adds the likelihood of critical hits next turn).

If three similar cards are used in one turn, they build a “Chain” which offers a bonus based on the cards’ features. If three cards all equivalent to the same servant are chosen, then a “Brave Chain” will result in an extra, stronger, attack being inserted in the conclusion.

The “Master” has a separate set of expertise and special skills called “Command Spells.” Command Spells have a range of effects and refresh based on real-world time. Fate Grand Order JP Apk

Servants are attained through a gacha mechanic. Saint Quartz, an in-game currency received by playing the game and using real cash in-app purchases, is employed to call new Servants and gain “Craft Essences” which give extra effects. Fate Grand Order JP Apk

This call is haphazard, with some servants available usually, and others not often. Another currency is “Friend Points”, which are more simply obtained, but only can attain frequent Servants with them.

If many copies of the same Servant are attained, that servant’s power is somewhat enhanced. Fate Grand Order Apk has been disapproved of having a miserly drop rate on its few servants, with it being luxurious to consistently gain them.

Card-based RPGs are normally complicated. Yet, those that land straight from Japan can be even more complex. Thus, play this interesting game to win single combat.

Fate Grand Order JP Apk
Fate Grand Order JP Apk

The plot of the Fate Grand Order Apk

The plot of the Fate Grand Order Apk runs as follows:

Chaldea is an establishment in charge of watching over the Earth’s future. It has confirmed that all human history will vanish in 2019. Therefore, your expedition is to travel back in time to situate, recognize, and annihilate the space-time singularities that intimidate to eliminate mankind.

The Main Characters in the Fate Grand Order Apk

To fix the lunacy of human history, Masters use the Heroic Spirit Summoning System Fate to call Servants and discover for the seven Holy Grails (Grand Order).


A strange but caring girl who meets the main character at Chaldea. She labels the main character as “Senpai.”


A lovable animal that the main character meets along with Mash. Fou has the liberty to roam all over Chaldea.

Olga Marie

The director of Chaldea and associate of the Animusphere family, recognized for their expertise at Magecraft. It examines the future to avoid the destruction of mankind in 2017.

Dr. Roman

A doctor who works at Chaldea. He is in charge of checking the health of Master candidates.

Professor Lev

Sociable young man the hero meets at Chaldea, as well as the Mage who build the Near-Future Observation Lens: Sheba. He would forgo everything to defend the human race.

Important Options of the Fate Grand Order Apk

As it is described above that the Fate Grand Order Apk requires a significant effort on behalf of the user to handle and develop the game precisely. The users need to enhance the characters and cards.

On the other hand, if you are fanatical on classic RPGs, then this game with a sci-fi design contains lots of tempting features is just what you require.

  • Different Types of Characters: This game offers several characters to arrange a synchronized and well-balanced strike: Saber, Ruler, Assassin, Archer, Rider, Caster, etc.
  • Discover the Story behind Different characters: Through this game, you can explore the stories behind different characters during your adventure: Mash, Fou, Olga Marie, Dr. Roman, and Professor Lev.
  • Card-Based Combats: In this game, playability concentrates on card-based combats, especially envisaged for mobile devices.
  • Form an Alliance: You can ally to sketch a better strategy against the Earth’s menace.
  • Collect Cards: You can collect cards to build a strong team in defense and strike.
  • Improve Skills with Earned points: The points obtained after every combat can be used to enhance the skills of our characters and their potency.

Requirements and Extra Details 

Minimum operating system (O.S.) requirements: Android 4.0.3 and Higher

It also provides in-app purchases.

It is a new mobile game “Fate RPG,” introduced by Type-Moon.

Fate Grand Order Apk includes an imposing main set-up and manifold character quests.

This game involves millions of words of the original story.

It is packed with content that fans of the Fate franchise and amateur will be able to enjoy.

Fate Grand Order Apk website: https://fate-go.us/

Available Apk Versions: 1.38.0 , 1.37.0 , 1.36.1 , 1.36.0 , 1.35.2 , 1.35.1 , 1.35.0 , 1.34.0 , 1.33.0 , 1.32.0 , 1.31.0 , 1.30.0 , 1.29.1 , 1.29.0 , 1.27.1v , 1.26.1v , 1.26.0v , 1.25.0v , 1.24.0v , 1.23.0v,

1.38.0 Jan. 17, 2020

1.37.0 Dec. 9, 2019

1.36.1 Nov. 13, 2019

1.36.0 Nov. 5, 2019

1.35.2 Oct. 29, 2019

1.35.1 Oct. 24, 2019

1.35.0 Oct. 11, 2019

1.34.0 Oct. 3, 2019

1.33.0 Sept. 10, 2019

1.32.0 Aug. 29, 2019

1.31.0 July 29, 2019

1.30.0 July 12, 2019

1.29.1 June 24, 2019

1.29.0 June 6, 2019

Story in the Fate Grand Order Apk

AD 2017: The very last epoch in which Magecraft still survived.

Society was formed by human hands. Yet, Mages understood the truth of the planet. Magecraft consists of techniques from past humans that cannot be described by science, whereas science includes the systems of future humans that Magecraft cannot accomplish.

Researchers and intellectuals of Magecraft and science have been collected to sustain human civilization.

AD 1950: Flourishing formation of the Phenomenon Recording Cyber Daemon: Laplace.

AD 1990: Achievement of the Global Environment Model: Chaldeas.

AD 1999: Conclusion of the Near-Future Observation Lens: Sheba.

AD 2004: Achievement of the Heroic Spirit Summoning System: Fate.

AD 2017: Achievement of the Spiritron Calculation Engine: Trismegistus.

But then, in 2017 without warning, the future domain documented by Sheba gone astray. The recognized calculations confirmed the destruction of humanity in 2019.

Why/How/Who/By what means mankind will be destroyed. The researchers of Chaldea were confused by these questions. Then, Sheba noticed a new irregularity.

In AD 2004, a specific provincial town in Japan for the first time could not be viewed. Presupposing that this was the cause of mankind’s disappearance, Chaldea conducts its sixth experiment, though it was still unproven.

Now, time travels into the past. A banned observance where they would change Mages into Spiritrons and send them back in time. By superseding in events, they would position, spot, and demolish the space-time Singularities. They termed the task as the Quest for the Holy Grail: Grand Order.

This is the label for those who would make a stand against human history. Thus, users encounter fate in to safeguard humanity.

Apk Permissions Required by Fate Grand Order

The Apk permissions needed by the Fate Grand Order Apk are given below:

You are required to permit open network sockets.

You must put a stop to processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.

You must enable access to the vibrator.

You must allow access to information about networks.

Enable access information about Wi-Fi networks.

How to install Fate Grand Order Apk for Android?

For downloading the Fate Grand Order Apk, you need to install the APK file and the OBB to commence the game installation. After that, follow the steps to install the game:

  1. Allow installation from unknown sources: Phone settings->Security-> Enable “Unknown sources”.
  2. Pass on the OBB file to “Phone/Android/obb” or “SD card or Android/obb”.
  3. After unzipping the OBB file, you will get a subfolder within its folder. At this point, you should change the folder to the direction in step 3.
  4. Now, search the APK file and hit to ‘install’ the game. You have to wait for the installation to end.
  5. Finally, enjoy the installed game.

How to Download the Fate Grand Order on iOS?      

The directions for installing the Fate Grand Orderon iOS or iPhone are:

  1. Go to Appstore after enabling your internet connection.
  2. Now, login with your E-mail id.
  3. Search for the game by typing its name in the search bar.
  4. Once it is displayed, hit on ‘Get’ to install this game.
  5. After the game is installed on your iOS, start playing to have fun.

How to install the Fate Grand Order Apk for PCs or Laptops?

The set-up required installing the Fate Grand Order Apk game on your PC or Laptop is:

  1. Visit the website of the Fate Grand Order game to get the Apk link.
  2. Next, click on the Apk link.
  3. Once the game is installed on your PC or laptop, confirm it.
  4. Finally, begin the game to play.


This mobile game is an amazing game with exclusive gameplay. It leads to many interests that most role-playing game fans are finding. So, download and play the Fate Grand Order Apk game.

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