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Free fire actualizdo 2019 Apk

Free Fire is an action-packed game and is inspired by the PUBG. The game has a group of 50 players who are on a battle of death and equipped with weapons and vehicles.

From among the 50 players only one player comes out alive and victorious. The controls of the game are simple to use. On the left side of the screen you will find a virtual d-pad which helps to control your character. And on the right side you will find buttons which will help you to shoot, lie down and jump.

Tap on the button on the screen when you come across any weapon, crate, vehicle or a door. In the upper right corner of the screen, you will find an inventory with which you can select the weapon of your choice. The game is very much similar to other battle royale type games.

Free Fire 2019 APk
Free Fire 2019 APk

The Game Play of Free Fire APK

Free fire is an action and survival game which takes place in an open world. The game begins with the players being landed on the island with the help of a parachute.

And once you are landed there you will have to fight for your life. The players set off to running to look for weapons and protect yourself from other players. As the game progresses, you will have to look out for the force field coming closer to you.

So the first thing to do is to collect weapons and equipment to defend yourself.  If the other players reach you, then you are dead. You can take the help of vehicles if ever you are stuck somewhere behind.

Although the game sounds very similar to any Battle Royale game, but the main difference is that there are only 50 players when compared to other games where there are 100.

The game also has a lesser duration of only 15 minutes when compared to other battle games which last around 30 minutes. So the Free Fire seems to be much faster and more hectic PUBG.

Free Fire 2019 APk
Free Fire 2019 APk

Let us get to know the features of the game

  • The game opens into a realistic and HD open world scenario. The game has good settings and also the light effects. The game also has high quality images reflected on the trees, buildings etc.
  • You will find varied forms of weapons and equipment to choose from during your adventure in the island like assault guns to sniper rifles.
  • You get to live all sorts of experience and your main aim would be to survive. You will have to collect weapons, hide in bunkers and attack other players.
  • You can drive any type of vehicles to move around or escape from your enemies or it could be attack other players.
  • You can also build alliances with other players tactfully to survive.

The game sounds interesting with fun and has addicting game experience. You will not believe but the game takes less memory space. So enjoy playing it.

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