Why hack proof doesn’t exist


Another day, another week, we say numerous amounts of hacking attempts being made against the users. In most of the cases, it is the mistake of the user who doesn’t implement enough time and effort in making the confidential things safer than they were before. A lot of debates are done on cybercrimes, cyber forums regarding cyber data security softwares but all of them are so far unable to put a full stop to these well established, emerging and other form of threats. The worst part? You have no idea when or where would you be attacked and which tabs would get comprised at the time of an attack? As mentioned above, you have less or no idea about the attack.

Cybercrimes are smarter:

Today, these hackers are far beyond the skills of the former hackers as now, these criminals aren’t bound for you to make a mistake either through skype or email, but they can independently upload a virus or malware to your system while you have no idea what’s happening around you.

In addition, the intruders of today are having tools fueled by economic benefits, skills and tools which promote breaches to a higher extent leading to utter destruction. For instance, a recent example confirms where the USA’s government breach faced about 21.5 million social security numbers.

What can users do?

There is no debate anymore in confirming that the fear of hackers existed in the past, still exists in the present and is surely going to exist in the future. But does that mean we’re hopeless? Are we doomed to destruction? No, that’s not the case. A few tips or tricks if properly utilized could promote you to a place that would prevent such hack attempts.

Jailbreaking iPad or iPhone:

This option of jailbreaking a device actually makes your device vulnerable to threats as the internal closed system of Apple’s ecosystem is nothing less but a fortress. Jailbreaking simply means you using a shovel to break down the secured walls to run apps that aren’t authorized. Doing this makes you part of the group of android users who suffer every day the pains of delayed responses and usage.

Turn two factor authentication on:

Doing this would allow you to restrict any account (online) from being hacked, penetrated etc. even if you have lost your password. This is possible as without a proper PIN which was delivered to your devices, the hacker won’t find any path to enter. Big tech related industries like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple etc. all allow 2FA.

Create a guest Wi-Fi network:

Your Wi-Fi device may or may not allow you to opt for this feature but if it does, than you can set up and run a guest Wi-Fi network which would be having a rare name and password from your main network.

These networks are able to create smart home devices that or segregate internet of things that usually have lesser security as compared to your smartphone devices.

Do not install ‘off-road’ apps on Android:

The quickest way in the modern century of getting your devices infected is installing apps from untrusted sources that aren’t part of official Google Play app store. Popular apps that provided in ‘off-road’ markets are usually infected or pirated. To prevent this, head onto settings, find the option ‘security’ and select unknown sources is turned/toggled off.


All in all, there is no guarantee at all of restricting the hackers and snoopers from attacking you one way or the other. Whether you are using android or apple related products, a few steps could help you and put you in a place far from safer than the normal conditions where our devices are constantly at threat of being attacked one way or the other.

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