Love Esquire APK

Love Esquire APK is an exclusive Android game that involves passionate-humor visual novel or dating simulator, with a wistful touch of old-school RPG fight. This mobile game is developed by Yangyang mobile.

You are not a celebrated knight in this popular online game but an idle squire who is on an expedition to find a man’s greatest pleasure. In this game, it is not easy for you to get or make a connection with a girl because most of them are beyond your scope.
Love Esquire APP Download

What makes things worse for you in this game is that you have only a few months left before this massive war happens. The mere thing you know is how to milk cows. You have only four months of training and if you die, you will get a medal in consolation. 

Love Esquire APK
Love Esquire APK

Everyone does not believe in your capability but you can prove them wrong in this Love Esquire APK mobile game app by saving the world from the attack and getting the girl of your dreams.


The key features of Love Esquire APK app are described below:

  • NAME YOUR HERO: After downloading this app on your smartphone, you will get the option of naming your Hero. Just enter your desired or your own name and click on the confirm button.

  • FIVE WAIFUS TO DATE: You will get five dateable waifus in Love Esquire APK app. You spend time with 5 ladies that include a local farm girl, a nurse, a trouble maker, and two Princesses. You have to choose from these five who have their own unique personalities and life stories.
  • MANAGING YOUR DAY: You have to manage your day wisely in this mobile game app. Your work includes traveling, socializing, and searching for the girl of your dreams.

Love Esquire APK
Love Esquire APK
  • GET GOOD BY RAISING YOUR ABILITIES: You can enhance your charisma, intelligence, and strength through unlocking small, medium and large training options given in this mobile video game.
  • TURN-BASED FIGHT:  You have to fight the powerful monsters in Love Esquire APK app and to boost the morale of your needy knight by looting gold and taunting enemies.
  • BUILD RELATIONSHIPS: You need to know the waifus in this game and you have to give gifts to them. Remember don’t give wrong items to your girl.

  • MULTIPLE CLOSING STAGES: You have to take the right actions in this game to have a happy ending else things may go wrong.
  • GROWN-UP CONTENT: Love Esquire APK app contains mature content.
  • CONTENT CAN BE MODIFIED: Love Esquire will support simple modifications in its content. Certain parts of this game can be changed by the players, such as:
  • Scripts
  • CGs
  • BGMs & SFX

You will also witness beautiful backgrounds while playing this Love Esquire APK app.


You need to follow the following directions for downloading and installing this app:

  • Make sure good internet connectivity is established on your smartphone.
  • Then open Google Playstore on your Android mobile phone.
  • Search for Love Esquire APK app in the search bar.
  • Now, click on the ‘Install’ button given for this app.
  • This game app will start downloading and will be installed on your mobile phone automatically.
  • After installation, just open this game app and start playing this super exciting mobile video game.

So, download this exciting game app on your Android mobile phone and play this game to win rewards for your actions and your dream girl.

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