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Chase The World With Mario Kart Tour!!

Mario Kart tour APK is an online game application available in Android Playstore and iOS Appstore. This game application can be downloaded on smartphones in just a click. The game is so interesting that even the non-gamers will start loving it if they play it once.

Mario Kart Tour is a spin-off game of the Mario Kart series. It is a kart racing mobile game developed and published by Nintendo for Android and iOS devices. The game was announced in January 2018 but released in September 2019.

Mario Kart Tour APK
Mario Kart Tour APK

Features Of Mario Kart Tour:

  • Travel Around With Mario Kart!

Mario and friends chase the world in this fresh Mario Kart online game App. They race around the routes which are built on the basis of the real-world cities. These new routes are different from the classic Mario Kart Routes. The destinations are that are included in this tour will spin in every two weeks. The routes are centered near locales and some of your much loved Mario Kart characters include the local essence of the cities.

  • Nonstop Mario Kart fun at your fingertips!

The Mario Kart Tour APK is loved by all as it can be downloaded on the smartphone devices with no troubles. You can now steer and drift on the routes effortlessly and toss away the disturbing objects and stuff with ease. It is a fun game that is played continuously with a single finger on the mobile screen.

  • Pinch the first position with items and Frenzy mode!

In Mario Kart Tour, you have the right to use a munitions store of strong and robust items that can combine things up on the race path. Turn up the heat by triggering the new Frenzy mode, which gives an unrestricted supply of a certain item and makes you unbeatable! Make the most of the consequent confusion, as Frenzy mode lasts for a short period only.

  • Amass drivers, badges, karts, and more!

Receive Grand Stars or Rubies by racing or fire off the featured pipe to gather more drivers, karts, badges, and gliders. You can proudly flaunt badges also, earned by finishing certain challenges, next to your in-game name!

  • Bonus challenge routes put a twist on conventional races!

In certain races, the first position isn’t always the goal. With names like “Versus Mega Bowser” and “Goomba Takedown,” these reward challenge courses require an alternate system to gameplay and procedure!

Mario Kart Tour APK
Mario Kart Tour APK
  • Sprint to improve your online rank!

By playing the Mario Kart Tour game, you can improve your online rank. For this, you have to keep practicing and you need to try a different combinations of karts, drivers and gliders. By scoring high in this game, your position will be determined in comparison to the players all over the world.

  • Mario Kart Tour introduces a new mechanic Tours!

Tours are usually named after famous cities in the world, and each tour usually lasts two weeks. During each tour, an original track will be available in some cups as part of the tour, as well as tour gifts that give the player rewards like a new character, kart or glider once they have reached the Grand Star requirement. The first tour was the New York Tour, with Yoshi as the featured tour gift and New York minute as the featured track. Future tours will include Tokyo and Paris.


You need a Nintendo Account to play Mario Kart Tour APK.

It is Free-to-start Game App.

An optional in-game purchase is available too.

Constant Internet, compatible smart phone, and Nintendo Account are requisite.

Data charges may apply.

So, download this interesting Game App now.

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