Nina App Aktualisieren: An Online Warning App in Germany

What is the Nina App Aktualisieren?

Do you want news about any emergency across Germany? Do you want the latest news updates in Germany? For getting news in advance to be safe, you can take benefits from a marvelous app called Nina App Aktualisieren.

It is an online warning app that provides news regarding any emergencies in Germany such as severe weather, floods, power failure, and other hazardous situations. This great application warns you of dangers across Germany and you can even know the latest updates for your current location. This app is provided by the (BBK) – Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance.

The technological starting point for Nina App Aktualisieren is the modular federal warning system or MoWaS. This is managed by the BBK for countrywide general protection warnings. All situation centers in the federal states and many already connected control centers of cities and municipalities are making use of this warning system since 2013.

Nina App Aktualisieren
Nina App Aktualisieren

Note: The local event alerts are not accessible everywhere. For this, you are required to inform your county or city about the possibilities of warning for the populace there.

What Types of Warning Messages can be received Through Nina App Aktualisieren?

Through Nina app, you will receive the following alert messages:

  1. Forewarning messages from civil protection with recommendations for action.
  2. Weather Alert from the DWD (Germany-wide for all administrative districts and cities).
  3. Flood information (Germany-wide at the federal state level).
  4. Wide-ranging emergency tips so that you can safeguard yourself and others from possible dangers.

With Nina App Aktualisieren, you can choose locations for which you want to receive warning messages. These alerts are displayed in the “My Places” overview.

In the settings option, you can indicate at which warning level you should be informed by push notification. Optionally, you can also obtain warning messages for your current location. The location data is not stored on our servers.

Please Note: To properly display location-based warnings, this app must be able to find out your location. The bad signal can result in incorrect displays.

The danger location of ​​an alert message can be shown in the map view. Currently, the flood information is only released at the federal state level. The card will show all warning messages even if you have not chosen the location.

What Emergency Tips are provided in this App?

The emergency tips contain advice on topics such as floods, harsh weather, power breakdown, fire, and special hazardous conditions. You can find out how to prepare for such events. You will also find behavioral notes in case you are disturbed by an event. You can get started immediately with useful checklists.

What is App Permissions?

The app has an offline mode to permit access to the emergency tips and already existing warnings and information even in the case of a lack of data connection (after the first download). To do this, it is important to create the offline content in the file system. The app does not read any data from your device.

The warning messages for your current location are only feasible when using GPS, WLAN, and other geo-location services. If you have disabled these features on your device, you cannot receive location-based warning messages.

Point to Note: You can only access warnings and information with an internet connection (via WLAN or mobile). If your device does not have an internet connection, the last status stored on the device will be displayed.

To keep yourself safe from any threat in Germany, install Nina App Aktualisieren at once!

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