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What is the Pokémon TCG APK?

The Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) has long been known to be one of the best trading card games along with Yu-Gi-Oh! And Magic: The Gathering. With Pokémon TCG Online, the game has already become a fast-paced strategy card game which has been competing with the likes of Blizzard’s Hearthstone. Magic: The Gathering has an online game as well, but this game only supports desktop gameplay.

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Whether you are already a hardcore collector, or you are totally new to the world of Pokémon TCG, but still Pokémon TCG Apk Online promises hours of fun.

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How to Play Pokémon TCG Online on Non-Supported Android Devices?

Pokémon TCG APK
Pokémon TCG APK

If you find that your mobile is not able to support the Pokémon TCG Apk game, then do not worry or panic. Here, we will be discussing on to how you will still be able to play the game in spite of the fact that your mobile does not support the game.

If you’re unable to download Pokémon TCG Online because your device isn’t supported, here’s what you can do:

  1. Go to the Android Settings of your device and click on the Security subcategory.
  2. In this category, you will see an option to allow installations from unknown sources. Turn that on.
  3. Now go to the APK Mirror on your mobile device to download the latest version of Pokémon TCG Online.After you have downloaded the file, click and open and fully install it.
  4. You are all set now to play the Pokémon TCG Online!
  5. Once you have confirmed that it has been installed correctly, remember to disable allowing installations from unknown sources.

What is the Gameplay of Pokémon TCG Apk?

The game will start you immediately with a tutorial which will be superfluous if you have already played the physical trading card game. There is no way you can skip it, but you can get a few Trainer Tokens, an EX card, a booster pack and a theme deck for playing through it. There are also a couple of areas where you will visit most often like the collection to open new booster packs and other prizes, Deck Manager who will build and edit your decks. Shop to buy new decks, booster packs, and other items.

The game also offers daily bonuses, so you must be sure to sign in each day to collect them. They will be found on the home screen as a Pokeball in the bottom right. Each match will award some Trainer Tokens and if you win them then you get awarded more. There also seems to be a ranking system of some sort where again you can get bonus Trainer Tokens by beating trainers who were favored to win.

The gameplay itself is pretty interesting and easy, though you may find some quirks. The movement of cards on mobile is also better than the click and drag of the desktop game, but on the desktop, you can actually get to see what your cards do and read the text. On mobile, most of the text is small and could prove difficult to read but the game never gets boring or worth exiting.

Pokémon TCG APK
Pokémon TCG APK

Apart from that, it plays exactly as the real-life trading card game would, and you would feel it is just at a faster pace and with more opponents to face. While some may not enjoy the game, but the Pokémon TCG Online gets you to face up against players with different playstyles and decks, making for great replayability.

The fact that you can add your real-life collection to the game just by redeeming codes that are found with each purchase is a huge reward as well! You can also build your real-life deck in the game and see how it compares to players from across the world!

How to play the game Pokémon TCG Apk?

As mentioned above, Pokémon TCG Apk is a global brand and franchise game. You will also recognize some popular characters from Pokémon. However, this game has also got many cards which have got unique character and ability. Firstly, you will need to learn the basic way to draw the right card and set proper decks. This is not a simple game to play, so time is very valuable to invest for learning. It is also better to enhance one theme of the card as specialization.

Overall, we would recommend the game to any Pokémon fan and it is a well worth trying for fans of the strategy card game genre as well!


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