Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers Apk Download: Free-to-Play Battle strategy RPG

About Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers Apk

A new Saint Seiya battle strategy RPG has been announced by Bandai Namco. Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers Apk has been released worldwide for iOS and Android this spring. It is a free-to-play game with micro-transactions. For Saint Seiya, pre-registration is available through the Appstore and Google Playstore.

An Overview of the Game

Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers Apk
Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers Apk

The exemplary Saint Seiya experience has been brought for the users with the highest quality. Now, the users can play this RPG battle game on their smartphone. It is one of the most popular online games in gaming history.

By installing this game, you can become the most powerful warrior. In the Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers Apk mobile game, you can contend in the intense battles against the users globally.

Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers employs a one-on-one domination-based combat system. You can leap into a profound tactical battle with several characters’ affinities and expertise.

In this game, you have to handle enormous destruction by developing up Cosmo and setting free Seventh Sense Arts. This Apk game is worth playing as it contains extensive flashy visuals of Saint Seiya.

In this battle game, you have to fight against the users all over the world in the first large-scale player-versus-player Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers game. You have to compete for the trophy of the world’s powerful warrior. The classic scenes are re-visualized in the game.

You can experience the Saint Seiya world with the “Cosmo Chronicle Episode” Mode. You can take on any chapters you desire. This game contains a scenario segments feature where dialogues between characters take place. The popular scenes from the anime are included as well.

You will enter the soundscape of Saint Seiya with expressed fight lines and renowned BGM tracks like “Pegasus Fantasy.”All your adored characters are brought to life in eye-catching 3D models.

Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers Apk
Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers Apk

You will be able to witness your beloved characters in a high-quality 3D model that is far advanced to existing smartphone graphics. Above all the iconic Saint Seiya Cloths are depicted with an astounding metallic luster.

Technical Info of Saint Seiya Shining soldiers Apk

License: Free

Category: RPG

Language: English and 43 more languages

Downloads: 2,792+

Package Name: com.bandainamcoent.jpssss

Release date: 2020-01-28

Latest version: Varies with device

Resource: Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers PC

Apk size: 0MB

Official website:

Important Features of the Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers Apk

The main features of the Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers Apk are:

  • Full Control of the Game: With all your excitement for playing Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers Apk game, you can easily fight the battles on the small screen of your phone. So, just play this game like a pro and get full control of your game.
  • Latest Game: There are several Saint Seiya games on smartphones. It must be affirmed that the saga of the Knights of the Zodiac has always had the drift. “Shining Soldiers” is the most recent game published by Bandai Namco.
  • Elaborate Control system: In the Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers Apk, the combats take place in 1V1 and all credit goes to a detailed control system.
  • Improve Skills to Win the Game: You are required to make excellent use of your character’s strengths and weaknesses and proficiency. Each strength and weakness in particular to a character and must be used prudently and at the right time. This will help you to reverse the game to your advantage.
  • Cinematic Battle Scenes: The characters in this game have their iconic unique moves that lead to masses of destruction in cinematic scenes admirable of the time.
  • Relive the Original Tale: The game enables you to experience again the real story of Saint Seiya but also to face other gamers in distinct game modes.

How to download Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers Apk for Android?

For installing the Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers Apk on your Android device, you can follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to your Google Playstore account after enabling your data connection.
  2. Next, allow installation from unknown sources: Visit Phone settings->Security Option-> Enable “Unknown sources”.
  3. Now, search for the game in the search option by entering its name.
  4. As the Apk file of this game is shown, click on the ‘install’ option.
  5. Wait for the installation process to finish.
  6. Finally, begin playing this battle game.
Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers Apk
Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers Apk

How to Download the Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers on iOS?      

The directions for downloading the Saint Seiya Shining Soldierson the iPhone are:

  1. Open your Appstore after enabling your data connection.
  2. After that, log in with your E-mail id.
  3. Search for the game in the search option.
  4. Once it appears, hit on ‘Get’ to install this game.
  5. After Saint Seiya game is installed on your iOS, start playing and have fun.

How to install Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers Apk for PCs or Laptops?

The set-up needed installing the Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers Apk game on your PC or Laptop is:

  1. Visit this game website to get the Apk link.
  2. Next, click on the Apk file link.
  3. Once it is downloaded on your PC or laptop, validate it.
  4. Finally, enter the Saint Seiya game to play.


This battle game comes with amazing features and gameplay. Therefore, install this game and enjoy playing to earn points and bonuses.

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