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Termux Apk is an Android application which is basically like a fully functioning terminal emulator. The most important feature that made this app very popular and useful among the tech enthusiasts and hackers is that it can run the Linux based applications directly on the Android device without rooting it.

The minimum requirement for using the application is Android version 5.0 and higher. Some older versions can run on Android v4 or even older. In the Google Play store, the app’s description mentions that the app Termux is a powerful combination of terminal emulation and an extensive collection of Linux package.

Download termux APk

There is no fault in referring it to as a portable Kali Linux. You get almost all the features of the hackers’ favorite operating system in your mobile phone. There are also many applications which serve the same functions but the capability to work in non-rooted device makes it champion to the list.

You can use the app for editing files, accessing servers over SSH, use Python and C consoles to develop things and run text-based games with FROTZ. Termux is easy to use, user-friendly, requires less storage space, no advertisements and you can use Kali Linux tools in this terminal.

If the commands are well known then you can perform a lot of work in the Android phone itself, no need to switch over to your system like Desktop computer or Laptop. Most of the Termux packages are built using Ubuntu 16.10. It is perfectly the best Linux Terminal Emulator for Android.


Search for “Termux” on the Google Play store and download the official app which is less than 1 Mb in size. The official developer company of Termux app is Fredrik Fornwall Tools. Open the app and then wait until it finishes more of its setup of installing required packages.

After all that when a terminal window appears then the app is ready to be used. Now, download the packages as per your need by using the relevant commands assigned to it.

There are more tools available by the same developer which can also be used for other tasks like accessing device’s API, etc. For better understanding and becoming professional in working with Termux you can take the help of online tutorials or other Termux command tutorial apps available over the Internet to know about the commands which can be used in the app for carrying out different functions.

For better ease and experience while using Termux you can attach a keyword with your device and type all the codes using it.

Termux Apk

A wireless keyboard will make the work easier or you can even connect USB Keyboard via an OTG cable. It even supports the keyboard shortcuts. The screen text size can be zoomed in or zoomed out (increased or decreased) using the simple pinch to zoom technique that we implement while seeing our pictures in gallery or enlarging the texts and images on the websites.

The Terminal window allows you to change the font and color of the text. Swiping your mobile phone’s screen towards right from the left most area will display you the Navigation panel.

The navigation panel can be used to navigate through multiple sessions and edit them, create a new session and toggle the touch keyboard. The Android keyboard (touchscreen Keyboard) will appear when you tap on the terminal area. Every command starts with a dollar sign! For example: $pkg help

It is a tool for managing packages. There are more inbuilt tools which can be used to perform multiple operations. After installing the application you will have to install packages for doing the real terminal jobs. Like for installing Python, type ‘pkg install python’.

After that type ‘Y’ when it asks do you want to continue the using a stable internet connection it will be finally installed.

TERMUX- Run LINUX Terminal Emulator on Android

Not like the other apps which ask for rooting the device before we can use them, Termux starts to work out of the box. Using Termux you can edit or view files by the different text editors like Nano, Vim and Emacs.

Termux allows you run all the Linux and GNU command codes. The Advanced Packaging Tools (APT) package manager allows you to install any package (Git, Ruby, Python, and Node.js etc) of your choice.

Remote access your Android device using SSH in the app. From all the above conclusions it is clear that with this Termux app you can convert your Android device into a pocket Linux computer.

The other useful add-ons that you get from the same developer are:

  • Termux:Float- It is an add-on that allows to run Termux in a floating window.
  • Termux:Styling- It is an add-on that is used for changing or customizing power line ready fonts and color schemes. It is basically used to customize the look or appearance of the Termux terminal.
  • Termux:Boot- This add-on is used for running scripts on the boot screen of your device.
  • Termux:Widget- This add-on is a widget for the home screen of the device using which you can commence small scripts or commands from the home screen itself.
  • Termux:Task- To use Termux executables from the Tasker and compatible apps we can use this add-on.

These add-ons are available on the Google playstore, but most of them are not free of cost. We have to pay little amount to purchase and use them.

The Linux terminal emulator and these add-ons all together make it a very powerful technological tool.

Termux is an amazing app, it gives you pretty much computer like command line experience in the phone. The compactness, user friendliness, consistency, no pricing (open source), easy to use, timeliness and no advertisements in the user interface make it stand on the top of the command line applications list.

The command line environment is easy to understand and learn more out of it. There is nothing to worry about in the Termux coding playground, nothing fancy is added here which will trouble or confuse you. So, let’s start learning now how to work on Termux, it’s very easy and joyful.

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