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The Black Masses game is a highly ambitious first-person open-world RPG developed by a small team Brilliant Game Studios.

The Black Masses game release date not confirmed, but when The Black Masses game will release we will update into our site.

This is not confirmed which device the game will release like PCXbox, One, PS4, Switch, 3DS, iOS, Android/Apk, PC.

It features the record-breaking crowd rendering technology from our previous title, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator. TBM is set in a massive medieval fantasy setting on a 16 sq-km island.

Fight off tens of thousands of demon possessed souls while trying to solve the mysteries of what started the satanic uprising.

Traverse any obstacle with our revolutionary climbing/parkour system. Level up your skills and become a god among men.

The Black Masses game


Competent art design, the levels, and enemies look good, if samey, but not the good idea of what constitutes a good trailer for a game.

The fact that no gameplay information is shown and there is visible pop-in/out in the shots they used is a bad sign. If a camera angle or direction causes bits of the terrain to vanish… don’t use that shot in your trailer.

:52-:53 a tree vanishes. 1:16-:17 a wall vanishes, and you can see shadows disappearing and re-appearing for a few seconds before that.

Clearly, this isn’t going to be a top-down game, and this does appear to be in-engine work.

this would look good if vermintide 1 and 2 didn’t already exist and have huge hordes on the screen that IMO have much better-looking models than this has and more detailed maps.

The comment about having these many enemies in an MP game made me expect a great deal more, but this is cinematic there’s no way an FPS camera would be seeing that many as this don’t appear to have large open areas.

I’m not an expert but if you were rendering and worrying about that many outsides of the player’s view would seem inefficient.

Don’t get me wrong, maybe they’re planning to do something innovative, but I feel like there are two directions you can go with that size of horde: the first is “Vermintide”, the second is “They Are Billions”, and these are both so fresh in the cultural memory, that you can’t have your selling point be a similar theme, rather you need to put forth an interesting take on this (already existing) theme.

I think this is the same company that did “Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator”, so I’d wager this would be more in the direction of “They are Billions” — but they need to show us what’s new and different about this.

How to Download The Black Masses Game?

You can download The Black Masses game from the official site or you can unlock download content if you want to download here, just share on facebook or twitter and then download link will be unlocked then you can download.

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