The Real Implication of Technical Assessment

Are you going to appear for a technical assessment? Are you afraid of it? Well please do not worry I assure you by the end of this article these two words will be very easy for you and you can be confident to appear for the exam. Job interview is the standard way of assessing a candidate for an office. This job interview can be in different ways and few hiring managers conduct this exam during the interview process.

Honestly speaking all candidates dislike this technical assessment and this is only because the hiring managers cannot use this assessment properly. They organize it very badly like in an unprofessional manner which has very poor communication skills. Basically, if you can use this assessment in the right manner then it will be good for both the recruiter and the candidate.

First of all do not get scared of hearing the term technical assessment. Treat it normally. Every one of us has appeared for many exams throughout our life, this is one of its kinds. Come fresh to the examination hall and also 10 minutes before the exam starts. Get a good sleep the night before at least for 6 to 7 hours, and then only your brain can feel fresh and work properly. Do not indulge yourself in having alcohol the previous night, it might dehydrate your body and that will not be a good idea. Have fresh fruits, health drinks or oats for breakfast. Do not fast on the day of the exam. Many try to skip breakfast just on the day of the exam, which is not right.

A tip for the hiring team- if you want to take the technical assessment in a fair manner it is better to tell the candidates from beforehand so that they can come ready. It is actually a good idea to let the prospective candidate know about the format of the assessment. But unfortunately, many hiring managers do not like to tell the candidate about the format because they think it is better to be dicey with the candidates so that they can get to know how a candidate will react in a difficult situation. If your office’s technical assessment pattern is good then it should not matter to anyone whether the candidate is up for the challenge or not. If rest of the interview process is good like the telephonic round, group discussion, etc., then this assessment should be just a part of it.

A good recruiter always tells the candidate about the format of the interview and the timings, so that the candidate does not panic and they can focus on things which are important. If the candidate knows about the format they can do a bit of research work. If you tell them about the format maybe initially they will be surprised but then they will be much comfortable as they have the time to prepare.

The hiring team should make the assessment in two parts, one part at home and the other in front of the recruiters. This process is the best part for a good pre-interview filter. For example, few hiring team managers want the first round of assessment to happen at the candidate’s home so that they can save time. All a candidate has to do is to submit the test result. This helps the hiring manager who only wants a job and who wants to stay in the office and have a career. Recruiters always prefer the latter ones. It also gives them an actual code solution result to review.

Another golden rule to use technical assessment is to give feedback immediately after the interview. Since this assessment is happening over the computer you will get the result immediately. No one needs to wait for days to get the result. If the candidate gets to know the result they he will know how to react to the next interviews. The hiring team should provide timely and meaningful feedback because the candidates deserve it. All candidates like to know where they lack back, what a hiring team is expecting from him and in what ways he can be better in the future. Without feedback, the entire process is a little unfair. A feedback helps candidates to improve themselves.

Here are 4 small tips regarding this assessment. Please go through it minutely. They are:-

  1. Firstly all the hiring team should make sure whether this assessment is relevant to the role or not.
  2. Secondly, ensure all candidates know that there is an assessment.
  3. The assessment should be in two parts. One they can appear at home on the internet and another in front of the hiring team.
  4. Give the feedback immediately.

So, if you want the correct employee to join your office, then please do add this test in the interview format. This assessment will assess the candidate’s technical knowledge and needs in the workplace in order that he can bridge the gap between the job and the difficulties associated with it. This assessment will always have a realistic action plan and thus it will allow the candidate to give their best in the production so that the office can benefit a lot from him. If you are an employee work for your career as well as in the production of the company, you cannot afford to be selfish. You have to give your best to get the best hike or promotion.

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