The Walking Dead: Our World Apk – Download Latest Version of TWDOW

The Walking Dead: Our World Apk

Guys, it is the world of games and mostly youngster nowadays uses to have Android or smartphone devices to play games. With the help of an android device or smart device, it becomes quite easy to get entertain with such great games in your hand. There are lots of storyline games available on the internet and when we talk about the most playing game then the storyline games have most users as compare to other types of games.

Among the number of games, it becomes quite difficult to choose the best one but now you don’t have to search any more because we have got the best storyline game for you. As we have mentioned that there are different types of games but the popularity of storyline games are higher because playing a storyline game is like a living virtual life. Storyline games attract more public because it the best source to pass your time. Today with this article we are going to introduce you to the best storyline game like you wouldn’t have played yet.

The Walking Dead: Our World is the official game of AMC’s The Walking Dead. It is one of the most playing storyline game and it is a first-of-a-kind area based expanded reality game that drenches you into the zombie end of the world. Shield your surroundings by battling walkers in the city, in the recreation center, on your couch – wherever you are and at whatever point you feel like it.

The developer of this game is AR and The Walking Dead: Our World utilizes ARKit on iPhone and AR Core on Android. This implies you ought to have the capacity to play on iPhone 6s. ARCore requires the android version of 7.0 or higher than it.

You can utilize the different weapons that you will locate everywhere throughout the world. Eventually when you play this game the with the difficulties of the level will start harder than the earlier one and when you successfully clear any mission or stage you will get rewards that you can use to level your character.

When you start playing this game in your android your smartphone then the first thing you have to do is identify and find the footprints of other players on the floor. The criteria of finding footprints will let you to find the characters of The Walking Dead, likewise serves to convey to your device the region in which you should play without leaving the wonderful game.

You should make a trip to choose areas where particular missions occur, so this is an amusement that must be played openly. Once you’ve discovered a character, you’ll see zombies on your telephone’s screen, overlaid with this present reality.

You can utilize the different weapons that you will locate everywhere throughout the world, which will enable you to dispose of the Walkers. When you defeat the difficulties you will get rewards that you can use to level your character.

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