Torrent Search Engine 2020 Apk: Search & Download High-Speed Free Torrents

About Torrent Search Engine 2020 Apk

A Torrent Search Engine is an excellent tool for searching and downloading torrents completely from your device. Now, you can easily download torrents via the new torrent application. The name of the application is the Torrent Search Engine 2020 Apk app.

By the installation of this app, you can swiftly and simply search torrent files worldwide. The downloaded torrent file will help in the storage of data concerning files for use with BitTorrent. A BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol. It allows the users to send and receive files in minor pieces to and from computers across the Internet.

The Torrent Search Engine 2020 Apk app is offered for free on Playstore and Appstore. This app enables high-speed torrent downloading. You can download any type of files like software, movies songs, and videos directly to your phone or tablet in one click with the speed of 5G.

Torrent Search Engine 2020 Apk

Main Highlights of the Torrent Search Engine 2020 Apk

The key aspects of the Torrent Search Engine 2020 Apk app are described below: 

  • Explore Torrents: Through this app, you can discover torrents by selecting your desired search provider from settings.
  • Concurrent Mode Option: The app includes a concurrent mode option that allows you to search across all providers in tandem.
  • Download Files Promptly: You can download files quickly on your device via the torrent search engine 2020 app. 
  • Copy or Share Torrent Links: This app allows you to copy and share torrent and magnet links. The app supports .torrent as well as Magnet links.
  • Categories of Torrents: Through this app, you can sort out torrents by categories.
  • Easily Remove Torrents: You may remove torrents with no seeders option in settings.
  • Sorting Criteria: With this app, you can select the sort criteria for torrent results. You can sort through different options like speed, peers, and seeders, leechers, oldest, latest, and size (ascending and descending).
  • Search History Feature: You will be provided search suggestions based on your search history in this app.
  • Forward Magnet Links: You can forward magnet links and download from your computer employing a torrent remote app. When you click on download with a torrent client, you can select a torrent remote app if available on your device.
  • Voice Search Incorporation: After downloading the Torrent Search Engine 2020 Apk app, you can get search results using the voice search integration feature. For instance, search ubuntu on the Torrent Search Engine app and it will be automatically displayed in the results. You just have to allow the ‘Ok Google’ option in the Google Settings app to use Voice Search.
  • Clean and Simple UI Design: This app offers a high-speed torrent downloader option which is unlimited. You can do multi-file downloading at the same time.

What’s New Added in the Torrent Search Engine 2020 Apk

  1. The search issue is fixed.
  2. Added new search providers.
  3. The app size has been reduced to 1.2 MB.
  4. Torrent client detection issue has been fixed.
  5. Additional torrent client apps are supported.
  6. Search and stability option is improved.
  7. RSS feeds section is available to fix the crash. Custom RSS feeds can be added from torrent websites.
  8. Multiple search providers’ selection in settings is offered.
  9. Select your default torrent client in settings.
  10. New Dark theme option in settings has been added.
  11. The search history section in settings is added.
  12. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are removed.
  13. There’s no Analytics (Services and Libs Removed).
  14. No Ads are placed (Services and Libs Removed).
  15. High-Speed Torrent downloading provided.
  16. Music player offered.
  17. New features added in the app.
  18. Easy layout in the app.

Extra Details of the Torrent Search Engine 2020 Apk

Torrent Search Engine 2020 Apk

Name: Torrent Search Engine 2020 Apk

Category: Free Video Players and Editors app

Latest Version: 7.1.1Request Torrent search engine Update

Publish Date: 2019-08-29

Get it on: Get Torrent search engine on Google Play

Android Requirements: Android 4.4 and Higher

How to Install the Torrent Search Engine 2020 Apk App on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone?

Please follow the below steps for installing the Torrent Search Engine 2020 Apk on your Smart devices:

For Windows:

  1. Pay a visit to the Windows icon to open the Start menu.
  2. Next, select the Windows Store icon.
  3. If you are accessing Windows with your Microsoft login, hop on step 8. If you use a local account, tap on the Add user icon following the Search box.
  4. Now, sign in.
  5. After that choose your Microsoft account.
  6. Then, enter your username and password and select sign in.
  7. Just enter your PC’s login password and select Next to swop your login account to your Microsoft account, or hit “Sign in to just this app instead” to hold your PC’s login as-is.
  8. Find the Torrent Search Engine 2020 Apk to install, and hit the option to begin the downloading. 

For Mac:

  1. Start on App Store from the LaunchPad, Dock or employing Spotlight Search.
  2. Find the Torrent Search Engine 2020Apk app.
  3. Click on the ‘Get’ option to install this app.
  4. Then, enter your Apple ID (if you’re not logged in) and your password.

For Android Phone:

  1. Open Playstore after allowing data connection.
  2. Find the Torrent Search Engine 2020Apkapp in the search bar.
  3. Click on the displayed app icon to download.
  4. Torrent search engine app will be installed on your phone in a few seconds.

For iOS:

  1. Unlock Appstore after turning on your internet connection.
  2. Check in to your Apple ID.
  3. Look for this app to install. When the app is shown, click on ‘Get’.
  4. The app will be installed on your iOS in a few seconds. Begin exploring this app.

Wrapping Up 

The high-speed server allows you to download the file from the internet (peer-to-peer file sharing). So, install this best torrent search engine app on your smartphone with no speed limit.

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