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Tutuapp Download For iOS without Jailbreak

Hurry up iPhone users! Install Tutuapp to get paid apps on your iOS for free.

Want to download and play paid apps on your iPhone, or any iOS devices like iPad, iPod touch? Tutuapp is the best solution. This tiny app let you install premium applications and games like Pokémon Go or Minecraft for free. Yes! For free. Having Tutuapps installed on your iPhone will help you grab your favorite paid apps of your choice from iTunes or free of cost.

Tutu app and Tutuapp VIP is like a Play store or app store where the developers have uploaded the hacked versions of many premium apps or the apps that are otherwise cannot be found on the iTunes. The list of such apps will updated regularly but here we are quoting some example of how useful this app store is.

With this app or more specifically, the app store, you can download Pokémon Go (Tutu hack version) which would otherwise cost you $$Not only installing the hack game for free, you can install Pokemesh to play Pokémon game in real map without walking. Downloading Minecraft hacked version is another great thing this app let you do. Alfa tournaments apk and Freedom apk can be downloaded with this app as well. For you information, the later one is used to unlock the difficult stages of any game or to collect coins from the game server to buy stuff like cars, weapon or characters etc.

TutuappVIP is not a new idea or unique app, you can easily find many similar application like this one. But what make Tutu app more prominent of all is its versatility, ease of use and great features. We will for sure discuss apps similar to Tutu one by one, first let’s go through it.

Random Fact: Tutu app itself is in Chinese langue. Hold On! There is a fix for it get Tutuapp English version.

Top Features of TuTuApp

After reading about Tutuapps, you as an iPhone user might get excited about downloading and installing it right now on your phone. But there are more for you. Before jumping into the download and installation section, let us first discuss few of its amazing features. So, here are the great features of Tutuapp.vip which is mentioned on the official website www tutuapp com, a few are added from our side.

1. Huge Database of Apps to Download

Built as a small utility, this app is now evolved into a huge library of application both, free and paid, original and hacked. Till to date, their database contain 2,000+ apps for iOS, the number is still growing. Most of these tutuapps are paid which is given for free.

2. High Speed Download

The app is fast and convenient. Having huge application collection is one thing, downloading it on a super ordinary speed is the beauty of this app. Pokémon Go is perhaps a large app with 100 MB size; tutu will let you download it in seconds.

3. File Sharing via Wi-Fi

Forgot about Zapya, Shareit or Xender any other file transfer app, with tutu app, you do not need to install any third party app for sharing files with your neighbor Smartphone. Using Wi-fi as a transfer medium, you can easily move apps or movies to another iPhone in just few seconds.

4. Junk Cleaner

Just say bye-bye to junk cleaners, Tut app store has it all. This amazing app takes care of your disk  space by regularly cleaning up the residue of other apps. With having Tutuapp installed on your iOS, you do not need to have third party junk cleaner like iFreeUp or PhoneClean.

5. RAM Booster

As we say Tutu app is a versatile application, we have proof. Not only cleaning the garbage, Tutuapp VIP will free you memory and boost the RAM. This feature comes handy when more RAM is required to play Pokémon game smoothly on your iOS.

6. Battery Optimization

To have your phone battery last longer, Tutuspp has solution for it. To make most out of your Smartphone, this VIP app let you manage the apps that consuming more battery. This feature is helpful most when you are going on a day long trip with friends.

7. Address Book

Tutu app helps you store and organize your contacts in an in-built contact book by this app. This is very cool feature, although not needed as such because of the iOS own contact storage feature is enough.

8. Calendar Management

Whether it’s your friend’s birthday, your wedding anniversary or any important date, you won’t miss it again. Tutu app Calendar management utility is the best solution for it. The powerful calendar management system comes with the app will remind you all these dates.

9. QR Scanner

Last but not least, the QR scanning feature of Tutuapp is worth to discuss here. There are times when you need a QR scanner to read a QR code or bar code to reveal the data behind it. Tutuapp has a QR scanner which eliminate the need of downloading a separate app for QR  scanning.

Random Fact: Tutuapp store was not much popular before the release of Pokémon Go hacked version on this app.

Download Tutuapp for iPhone

Like any other app, downloading this app do not required any technical expertise. However having knowledge of Chinese language is an option. Since this is a non-English app, you’ll find it hard to download and use this app. We will tell you how to get Tutuapp English version or translate the current version into your English language. So to start downloading, all you need is to go to the www Tutuapp.com which is the official website of Tutu app store. The site is however in Chinese but thankfully, there is an English version of Tutuapps com available. For English version, Download TutuApp English Version.

Once there on the website, you’ll find a QR scan, scanning which will reveal the download link behind it. Just scan or otherwise click on the download button on the website. The download pop-up will appear. It will have 3 buttons which would be in Chinese. The middle Green button is actually for accepting the download of the app. Click it to download the IPA file to your iPhone.

tutuapp for ios download

Tutuapp Download via scan code

For convenience, we are summarizing downloading steps here.

  • Open Safari browser on iPhone or iPad.
  • In URL bar, type www.tutusapp.com (or www.tutuapp.vip for enlist version)
  • On homepage, Scan the QR code to get download link
  • Alternatively, find and click on the download button.
  • Click on the download button on the download dialogue box.
  • Accept downloading on your home screen.

Now you have the latest version of Tutu app for you iOS. After this, you can enjoy tons of paid apps and games for free. Keep updating the app regulary to have more features with time. However keep that in mind, the app is compatible with iOS version 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4 and iOS 10. If your ios version is 8 or earlier, please upgrade it to the latest version first.The same is true for the iPad.

Installing Tutuapp on iOS 9.1/ 9.2/ 9.3/ 9.4 / iOS 10

Installation of apps from iTunes is a matter of clicks. But installing apps from 3rd party vendors is challenging especially if your iPhone is non-jailbreak. Don’t worry, you’ll still get the app on your iPhone just like millions of other iPhone users have it.

You already have gone through the steps to download the main app from tutuapp.com. Here we will guide you how to install it, the next step. Most of iPhone users know that installing apps from outside the iTunes required some security and permission setting changes in the main setting. So follow the steps below to install it on your iPhone.

  • Go to the Settings section of your phone.
  • Scroll down to locate General settings.
  • Tap the General setting and find profile option.
  • Locate the Tutuapp profile here and tap the “Trust”.
  • The installation wizard will complete the installation process in few seconds.

Alternate Method: You can download and install tutu on non-jailbreak version of iOS via vShare. See our article for vShare method of installing tutu app.

Yahoo! You have the latest version of Tutuapps on your iPhone or iPad. Just click on the Cute Bunny the icon of tutu helper and start downloading paid app for free

Running for the first time

iPhone users get excited when they have installed this paid-app store on their devices. However, running app for the first time might not be as attractive as you imagine. The Chinese user interface of the tutuapp is a big problem form  English or non-Chinese users. We have a separate article on how- to use a   translator to translate the app interface into English or other supported languages.

If it’s your first time, sometimes the app required you to put your apple user id and password. Since it is a trusted app, you can provide them this information. Once provided, there will be no any other singing-ins or singing-ups required to run and use the apps.

Advantages of Tutu app

Every app has his own advantages and disadvantages. The same is true for the tutuapp and tutuap vip. So here we are going to discuss the both, the fist will get a look at the advantages of having this bunny app on your iPhone.

  • Tutuapp let you download paid apps for free.
  • You can download and install Pokémon go  hacked version with this app.
  • It let you download paid apps for free
  • You can download and install Pokémesh (the offline map) for pokemon with this app
  • Tutu apps has the hacked version of Minecraft for minecraft lovers.
  • It has a built-in file transfer system.
  • RAM booster and Junk cleaners are a few plus along with having a pad-app store.
  • It can be installed on non-jailbreak versions of iOS.

Disadvantages of Tutuapp

Of course, like any other app, tutu has some lacking in it. Well you have read the advantages of this app. Here are some of the disadvantages or more specifically lacking in the tutuspp. We hope the team behind this Chinese app store will fix them sooner or later.

  • Tutuapp English version is not yet developed. It is available in Chinese language for now.
  • The app required to be downloaded and install separately. Not available in iTunes.
  • App is compatible with newer versions of iOS i.e. iOS 9.0, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4 and iOS 10.0.0.
  • You can set the data limited to be consume by this app.

How to install TutuApp iOS:

The installation process is a bit complicated so follow the instructions mentioned below carefully to install the app without any issues. Make sure that your device is running iOS 9 or above and get started.

  1. Open the Safari Browser on your phone, as other browsers will throw an error while downloading the file.
  2. After opening Safari browsers, visit the link mentioned below and download the application, there will be two options to download one is a VIP version and the other is the Free version, choose accordingly, if you choose VIP you have to pay before you can download the app.

Link to download Tutu App: 

tutuapp not installing now problem solved.
  1. You will be prompted to agree to their terms and conditions before downloading, simply accept and continue.
  2. Now, after downloading the file just open the downloaded file and it will show a warning stating that the app will change your system profile, it’s nothing to worry, just click “Install Now” and continue.
  3. After successful installation, head on to setting and then navigate to General, then to Profiles and Device Management, now click the enterprise profile parallel to Tutu App.
  4. A popup will appear stating that the developer will be able to access your data and other things, click on trust and now you can open your application and use it without any issues.
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I hope you guys have successfully installed the application on your iOS device by following the guide. Never install the app from other websites which are not the official tutu site, as it may contain virus or malware. If you face any problem while installation or in downloading part, kindly comment below, we will help you in fixing it.


Tutuapp is more specifically an app store with collection of paid or premium apps. The native app store for iPhone, the iTunes might be sufficient for some users but for those who want freedom, tutu app helper is the option. Tutuapps is perhaps the best utility to have on your iPhone especially if you are fond of gaming. This app will let you download and install many paid games, and applications for free. with the built-in side for iTunes.

Please let us know in comments is you found our method of downloading and installing the app on your phone. We will appreciate your feedback and opinion about this app as well. If you have any other query regarding tutuapp.pro or regarding our team, please feel free to comment here of contact us.

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