What to Post on Instagram When You’re short for ideas

Have you ever gazed at your phone pondering what to post on Instagram, and don’t get anything? So, are you looking for what should you do when you are fresh out of ideas?

When you come up with creative and different ideas then it helps to gain more views on your Instagram post. Therefore, most of the brands and Instagrammers prefer to buy Instagram views with sharing creative posts on a daily basis.  

Here, we will discuss some good strategies for what to share on your profile when you are short of ideas in order to spark some creativity.

Share Highlights from Your Community:

Whenever you are fresh out of ideas then share highlights from your community. By doing this, you can build trust and empathy with your followers.

The good thing about this tactic is that you can share anything. For instance, you can share success stories and highlight inspiring ways that other people are using.

Share Your Favorite Social Media Holidays:

From #NationalbestfriendDay to #NationalIceCreamDay, there are a lot more options when it comes to sharing a post about social media holidays. It is a great idea to fill out your Instagram page when you are short of ideas on what to post on Instagram.

Furthermore, sharing content about your social media holidays help you to boost your post as this type of hashtags are trending on social media on that day. Nevertheless of what holiday you want to celebrate on Instagram, make certain that it should be creative, engaging and align with your brand’s mission.

Share Behind-the-Scenes Content:

You can beat your ‘what to post’ blues by diving into BTS content. People always playfully enjoy the behind the scene content and likes these types of posts. Your fans are curious about what you do behind your business, what you have planned next and how you made DIY or your products.

Take some time and share what they are curious about that give you more views on Instagram posts without buying Instagram views.

Share Stock Photography, Videos, and Animations:

On Instagram, sharing stock photography becomes a huge trend as stock videos, animations, illustrations, and imagery can add more value to your feed.

The real good thing is that you don’t need to do extra work. If you want to build a good Instagram aesthetic then find the right style and post it more often.

Bottom Line:

There are tons of ideas what you can share on your Instagram page but all you need to share something that is creative, captivating, engaging and interesting. So whenever you feel you are unsure what to post on Instagram, get some inspiration from these ideas and share it with little inventiveness.

The more you share quality content, the more you get Instagram views with buying Instagram followers. Just keep in mind you need to focus on posting images or videos that resonate with your followers and adds value to your Instagram feed. Do you like our ideas? Let us know in the comment box!

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