www.xnview.com Linux Hindia 2018: Download Photo Viewer & Resizer Software

One of the most popular images resize, photo viewer, and batch image converter is the www.xnview.com Linux Hindia 2018 softwareThe improved version of Xnview is XnViewMP. MP denotes multiple platforms.

It is a dominant viewer, converter, and cross-platform media browser. About 500 formats are backed by the Xnview. Xnview maintains machines with numerous processors. It also supports 32-bit and 64-bit hardware platforms. www.xnview.com Linux Hindia 2018

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Features Included in www.xnview.com Linux Hindia 2018

Below are the significant features of the www.xnview.com Linux Hindia 2018:

www.xnview.com Linux Hindia 2018
www.xnview.com Linux Hindia 2018

Unparalleled Compatibility

More than 500 distinct image types are handled by the Xnview software. It exports those images to 70 distinct file formats.

Batch Conversion Module

www.xnview.com Linux Hindia 2018 contains a simple and effective batch conversion module. This batch conversion module drives XnConvert and many more. The regular features of the Xnview software are included in the upgraded version also and other options have been improved and modified.

Enhanced Performance

Loading speed, caching, 64 bits version, multi-core processing, and many more features of Xnview have been significantly improved.

Works on Multi-Platforms 

The XnView application works on different platforms like Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It supports 32 and 64-bit versions as well.

Useful Interface

XnView application offers Unicode support. It provides a nice user interface and enhanced translations for loads of languages.

Specifications of www.xnview.com Linux Hindia 2018

Name: www.xnview.com Linux Hindia 2018

Version: 0.93

Website: www.xnview.com

Support: Twitter, Forum

Developer: XnSoft

Product Homepage: XnViewMP

License Free to try (Shareware)

Last Week Downloads: 23

Number of Downloads: 2,465

Filename: XnViewMP-win.exe

File size: 38.1MB

OS Support: Windows All

Category: Design & Photo

How to download www.xnview.com Linux Hindia 2018 on Windows, Mac, and Linux?

To download www.xnview.com Linux Hindia 2018 on different devices, you may refer to the given steps:

For Windows:

Turn on Wi-Fi and open Google Chrome on your desktop.

Now, enter the official website of Xnview software- https://www.xnview.com/en/ in the address bar at the top.

On the home page of Xnview, you will get various Xnview apps for desktops like Xnview Classic, Xnview MP, XnConvert, XnResize, XnRetro, XnSketch, NConvert, and XnShell Extension.

Just choose any of these apps and click to download.

For Mac:

Similarly, for Mac, visit the same website given above and install any of these apps- Xnview MP, XnConvert, XnResize, XnRetro, XnSketch, and NConvert.

For Linux:

Just open the same website of Xnview given above and click on any of these apps-Xnview MP, XnConvert, XnResize, XnRetro, and NConvert to download.

So, to view photos for free or to resize, download www.xnview.com Linux Hindia 2018 now!

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